BBR matches business sellers with top quality business brokers worldwide that connect sellers and buyers for the purpose of consummating the sale of a business. The hallmark of BBR's process is identifying bona fide sellers.

The process commences with an informal discussion between a seller and our Business Development Coordinator. This session is followed by a formal in-depth web conference with a BBR Senior Business Analyst. The Analyst explains the sales process, conducts a conservative business valuation and provides guidance on an asking price and fair market value.

BBR presents business brokers with a comprehensive listing package. The package consists of a detailed business summary, seller application, and financial analysis data including asking price. After a review period, if the broker accepts the listing, the seller is seamlessly transitioned to the broker.

BBR requests, on behalf of the seller, an independent industry compliant business appraisal. The third party appraisal satisfies SBA Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Guidelines (see page 179). The SBA and banks financing these transactions require this documentation. Additionally, the buyers receive the appraisal which supports the seller's asking price and the fair market value of the business. BBR obtains wholesale appraisal pricing on behalf of the seller. Inc. magazine conducted a study (click to read) on national cost guidelines which still holds true today. The BBR client's cost will be less than the national average shown and determined after the Analyst's valuation.

A BBR executive will meet business brokers or conduct a webinar to discuss the strategic advantages of the BBR business broker program.

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