Are you ready to sell? Is your business ready to sell? Who is the best fit to sell your business? We take the stress and time out of this painstaking process and deliver results for you.

Our Business Development Coordinator (BDC) prequalifies you and your business informally over the phone in a 15-20 minute conversation. Questions consist of: "Are you serious about selling at fair market value in the near term?"; "Is your business profitable?"; "What are your gross sales?" "What are your assets for sale valued at?"; and "Are all the decision makers agreeable to selling?"

If you and the BDC determine that it is prudent to move forward a formal web conference with a Senior Business Analyst will be scheduled. The conference will describe the sales process, costs and a business valuation determining a conservative estimate of fair market value and guidance to an asking price is conducted. Recent profit and loss statements or relevant portions of business tax returns as well as assets will be utilized in this process. A strict confidentiality agreement will be signed prior to the conference.

Schedule a phone prequalification meeting with our BDC to learn if your business is right for our program. It only takes a few minutes and the conversation is confidential!

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