Business Broker Resource, LLC (“BBR”) is the leader in performing research, marketing and listing services on behalf of its business broker referral partners (“Partner”). BBR provides the Partner a salable business prepared to sell at Fair Market Value in the near term.

Based upon Partner criteria, size, industry and geographical location of a business, BBR screens and qualifies owners and their respective businesses. This process is performed by BBR’s Business Development Coordinators and Senior Business Analysts (“Analyst”). The Analyst has a conference with the seller during which the SBA explains the listing and selling process. The Analyst also conducts a business valuation based upon the company’s most recent profit and loss statements and/or tax returns including a conservative estimate of assets (real estate, equipment inventory, etc.).

If the seller qualifies and desires to move forward, a listing agreement is signed and returned to BBR for quality control review. BBR will submit a package for Partner’s approval that will contain a detailed description of the business including years in service, growth opportunity, competition and other relevant data. The package will also include the listing agreement, a simplified business valuation and an agreement to acquire a third party industry compliant business valuation at seller’s expense. After a review period, the Partner will decide whether to accept the listing and represent the seller. Upon acceptance, the third party industry compliant business valuation will be ordered and the seller will be formally introduced and transitioned to the Partner.

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